$48.09 FTDI Hi-Speed USB to Industrial Single RS-422/485 Adapter USB-COMi-TB

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FTDI Hi-Speed USB to Industrial Single RS-422/485 Adapter

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FTDI Hi-Speed USB to Industrial Single RS-422/485 Adapter
Color: Black/white
Size: 3ft
Weight: 0.5
Warranty: ONE YEAR
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Price: $ 48.09

Linux OSX 9 Windows 2000 Windows 7 Windows 98SE Windows ME Windows Vista Windows XP
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Product Description

    FTDI Hi-Speed USB to Industrial Single RS-422/485 Adapter

    The USB-COMi-TB USB-to-Industrial Single RS-422/485 Adapter is designed to make industrial communication port expansion quick and simple. Connecting to a USB port on your computer or USB hub, the USB-COMi-TB instantly adds an industrial communication port to your system. By taking advantage of the USB bus, the USB Industrial I/O Adapter makes it easier than ever to add RS-422 or RS-485 device to your system with easy plug-and-play and hot plug features. Adapting the new technology, the industrial I/O communication port expansion now takes the new bus with easy and convenient connectivity. Plugging the USB-COMi-TB to the USB port, the adapter is automatically detected and installed. There are no IRQ & COM port conflicts, since the port doesn't require any additional IRQ, DMA, memory as resources on the system. The RS-422 /485 port functions as native Windows COM port, and it is compatible with Windows serial communication applications. The USB Industrial I/O Adapter provides instant connectivity to RS-422/485 communication device for factory automation equipment, multi-drop data collection devices, barcode readers, time clocks, scales , data entry terminals, PC to PC long distance communications and serial communication in harsh environments. The USB Industrial I/O provides industrial solution for applications requiring single node or multi-drop communications over short and long distance. Specifications and Features ?dds a high speed RS-422 / 485 serial port via USB connection. ?84 byte receive buffer ?28 byte transmit buffer for high speed data throughput. ?equires no IRQ, DMA, I/O port. ?ata rates: 300 bps to 1M bps. ?onnector: one 5-pin terminal block ?uto transmit buffer control for 2-wire RS-485 half-duplex operation. ?ermination resistors installed on-board. ?S-422 data signals: Tx-, Tx+, Rx+, Rx-, GND ?S-485 data signals: Tx-, Tx+, Rx+, Rx- (4 wire), and data-, data+ (2 wire). ?onitor LEDs of TxD, RxD indicating port status ?asy operating mode configuration and setting ?irtual COM port drivers provided for Windows 7, Vista, 2003, XP, 2000 Hardware Installation Inside the unit, there is one 3-pin DIP switch which is set to select the mode of operation. You will need to open up the upper case (by sliding the cover back) and set the switch settings to RS-422 mode, or RS-485 mode, as per the requirements of your application. After setting of switches, you then plug the adapter to USB port to start driver installation. The RS-422 & RS-485 Mode Block Configuration Settings are listed as follows.

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    Windows 7 and Vista Certified USB to Serial Adapter! 12" USB Serial RS-232 Cable for NoteBook/Laptop Users Great FTDI CHip USB to RS-232 Adaptor for GPS/PDA/POS/Modem/Etc.

FTDI Hi-Speed USB to Industrial Single RS-422/485 Adapter
FTDI Hi-Speed USB to Industrial Single RS-422/485 Adapter
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