$77.98 DVI USB 2.0 External Graphics Card for XP and Vista 1600x1200 USBG-DVI2

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DVI USB 2.0 External Graphics Card for XP and Vista 1600x1200

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DVI USB 2.0 External Graphics Card for XP and Vista 1600x1200
Color: White
Size: 3ft Cable
Weight: 0.5
Warranty: ONE YEAR
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Available: In Stock Yes
Price: $ 77.98

Windows 2000 Windows Vista Windows XP
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Product Description

    DVI USB 2.0 External Graphics Card for XP and Vista 1600x1200

    USB External Video Adapter, installation is as simple as connecting it to a USB port and connecting it to your monitor. Adding a monitor to your computer has never been easier. Features: Easily add an additional monitor without opening your computer Supports up to 1600 x 1200 Supports Widescreen resolutions Supports Video Playback Supports Extended Desktop, Mirror and Primary Modes Supports up to 2 Display Adapters simultaneously Compatible with DVI or VGA monitors Hot Swappable; Add or remove monitor without rebooting USB Powered Applications: Office View large spreadsheet across two screens Presentation Display multiple screens presentation with one computer Provide multiple screens exhibition Graphics Use second display for palettes or tools menu bar Display a panoramic view of large image Data Entry Type documents on one screen while viewing reference material on the other Wall Street Display multiple screens at same time with one computer View charts and live data at the same time Entertainment View videos/ TV on one screen and your desktop on the other This is the Only Hardware DVI Adapter, Unlike DisplayLink Technology that uses Compression and Exhibits Delays with Signal this unit uses an on board Graphic Chip and Memory to speed things up, MCT owns the Patent on this Item and related Technology. Display Modes: Primary/Extended/Mirror/Rotation USB 2.0 Graphics Adapter with DVI & VGA Interface Micro Size for Portable Computer and Desktop Users, Easy XP and Vista Software Included. Up to 6 Units can be used on one computer. Combine this adapter with a DVI to HDMI converter ($8) and you now can play all of your computer contents on your HDTV Big Screen! USB External Video Card with DVI Port Output for XP/2000 and Vista Computers. VGA Resolution 1920 X 1200 UDA200, the amazing solution that allows you to attach additional display to PC or laptop without annoying of taking your computer apart. You can effectively double your working space through USB 2.0 port. Primary, extended, mirror and rotation modes are available for your preference for productive job. Do not let your old VGA monitor cover with dust and lie in garage. No matter you want to attach VGA interface monitor or add a monitor that is with latest DVI technology, just simply hook up the connector and plug the UDA200 into available USB port on your PC. You have your desktop expanded! Features Driver supports up to 6 additional attachments Primary, Extended, Mirror and Rotate function modes USB 2.0 compliant DVI-I and VGA outputs compliant Plug-and-play compliant Windows 2000 / XP / Vista compatible Window 2000/ XP/ VISTA compatible Resolution supports up to DVI 1600 x 1200 or VGA 2048 x 1280 System Requirements Pentium 4 /Celeron family or AMD K6 /Athlon /Duron family with 1.5GHz One-on-One display attaching structure: 256MB RAM or Higher ; Multi-display attaching structure: 512MB RAM or Higher DVI or VGA Compatible Display Available USB 2.0 port Windows OS 2000 / XP / Vista

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DVI USB 2.0 External Graphics Card for XP and Vista 1600x1200
DVI USB 2.0 External Graphics Card for XP and Vista 1600x1200
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