$49.9 2.5 SlickSilver USB 2.0 + Firewire Combo Mini-Portable Enclosure TT25KSU2F

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2.5 SlickSilver USB 2.0 + Firewire Combo Mini-Portable Enclosure

Short Description
2.5 SlickSilver USB 2.0 + Firewire Combo Mini-Portable Enclosure
Sku: TT25KSU2F
Color: Silver/Blue
Size: 5x3.1x1
Weight: 4
Warranty: ONE YEAR
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Available: In Stock Yes
Price: $ 49.9

Linux OSX 9 Windows 2000 Windows 98SE Windows ME Windows XP
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Product Description

    2.5 SlickSilver USB 2.0 + Firewire Combo Mini-Portable Enclosure

  • USES OXFORD 911 and ISD 300a CHIPSET SOLUTION(BEST OF BOTH WORLD's) This pocket size enclosure kit can convert 2.5" IDE notebook hard drive to FireWire & USB2.0/1.1 port external hard drive. Product Features: Lightweight and Pocket Size Accommodate 2.5" IDE Hard Drive Support IEEE-1394 (FireWire) and USB 2.0 or USB1.1 in one device IEEE-1394 (FireWire) compliant allows for daisy chain up to 63 devices Easy to install, just plug into FireWire or USB port and follow on-screen instructions to complete installation, no jumper or ID setting required. True plug and play. Auto configuration fo hard disk types. No need to modify CMOS disk types. Can be connected to computer dynamically. No need to reboot. Add hard disk without the huzzle of upgrading BIOS or using additional disk manager software. - SIZE - 3.1"w x 1.012"h x 5.4"d Weight : - 7 to 10 oz. With drive - Portable: Fits Shirt Pocket any Briefcase or Notebook PC case , lightweight - Fast Hard Disk Speed. Faster than other removable storage device (Zip", JAZ", Syquest") USB: Compatible with Windows 98SE, Windows ME, Windows XP, Windows 2000 or Later and Mac OS 8.6 or later IEEE-1394 (FireWire): Compatible with Windows 98SE (Second Edition), Windows ME, Windows XP, Windows 2000 or later and Mac OS 8.5.1 or Later
  • Primary Uses of external hard drives: Adds disk capacity to your desktop or laptop computer without removing your original drive. Affter connect to the computer with load software driver (you only need to load software driver first time connect to computers), your computer will assign a drive letter to this USB port external hard drive, as such "E" drive, you can load data or install programs to this drive, run program from this drive For those laptops and desktop computers that cannot be upgraded internally, an external drive provides an excellent source of additional storage space. Backup Source. Backup your computers internal hard drive to the external hard drive. Besides being portable, you can restore much faster from an external hard drive than a tape. Alternative to carrying laptops. If you know your destination will have a computer available with USB ports, instead of carrying a complete laptop, just carry the drive with all your applications. Connect it to a computer at your destination and start working. Less weight to carry. The complete package including: FireWire/USB enclosure for 2.5" IDE hard drive One FireWire Cable (6-pin to 6-Pin) and one USB cable for connecting the hard drive to computer One Mini AC Adapter.(required for device to function with Firewire 6-pin connection and/or USB 2.0) Software driver on CD disk for Windows & Mac OS If you already have 2.5" IDE notebok hard drive, this product can put your spare hard drive to good use. Install it in this external case and use it with your laptop or desktop computers. If you don't have 2.5" IDE notebook hard drives, you can either buy external USB hard drives which already assembled in the enclosures or buy this enclosure together with internal 2.5" IDE hard drive and do installation by yourself. * Note: This enclosure will fit any 2.5" IDE notebook hard drive with height up to 9.5 mm CONTENTS: Bag of Mounting Screews, USB 2.0 cable, Firewire 6 to 6 pin cable, Driver CD ,PS/2 bypass power Adapter Included, Mini AC adapter also included!

in_stockTech Notes

    ITEM USES OXFORD 911 and ISD 300(NEC) CHip! Will Only Work With 9.5mm High Drives!

2.5 SlickSilver USB 2.0 + Firewire Combo Mini-Portable Enclosure
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